John Pearce

Background information
Full name John Len Ruela Pearce
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Born February 25, 1991
Age 24
Occupation Dancer/Singer
Genre Pop, hip-hop
Labels Sony, Mr. 205 Inc.

John Pearce is a 26 year-old dancer from Sydney, Australia. He is one of the six members in the Australian dance crew Justice Crew. He Is half Filipino and half white, and was born in Sydney, NSW, but he grew up in Ryde.

Before Justice CrewEdit

John would train three days a week for sprints and has been in the top three sprinters in the pacific region in the under 18s division in 100m. His personal best time is 10.72 seconds. He started hip-hop dancing when he was about 15, or 16, teaching himself. He used the hit movie "You Got Served" as inspiration. He was also in the "AthElites" with Lenny. Dance in his inspiration and joining Justice Crew has kept him motivated to become an entertainer and a performer. He loves inspiring others to follow their dreams. He's a truly talented dancer.I love you


John Pearce has a pretty huge family, with his six brothers and two sisters. His brothers are Russel, Colin, Brian, Glen, Andrew, and his twin brother, Lenny, who is also in Justice Crew. His sisters are Bella and Zoe. John's mother is called Flor.

He once dated a girl named Shikeera Campbell before Justice Crew started.

He's currently dating a girl named Taylor Fardell.