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Lenny Pearce
Background information
Full name Len John Ruela Pearce
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Born February 25, 1991
Age 23
Occupation Dancer
Genre Pop, hip-hop
Labels Sony, Mr. 305 Inc.

lenny pearce is a 23 Year old dancer from Sydney Australia, he paticipatess in the Australian dance crew "justice crew".

Lenny pearce has 6 brothers and 2 sisters, his brothers names are John, Russel, Colin, Brian, Glen and Andrew. His sisters names are Bella and Zoe Iliana. Lennys mothers name is flor.

Lenny John Ruela Pearce had a girlfriend names Jodie and sadly broke up with her now lenny has a 3 year old son named Harley kai ruela pearce with the ex girlfriend Jodie. . Watch there new single Rise & Fall which is available on iTunes yesterday ( 17th OCT 2014 ) it will be on youtube on the 24th YAY!!! <3 JC <3

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