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Lenny Pearce
Background information
Full name Len John Ruela Pearce
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Born February 25, 1991
Age 24
Occupation Dancer/Singer
Genre Pop, hip-hop
Labels Sony, Mr. 305 Inc.

Lenny Pearce is a 24 year-old (turned 24 this year on Febuary 25, 1991) dancer from Sydney, Australia, he is one of the six members in the Australian dance crew Justice Crew. He is half Filipino and half Australian, and was born in Sydney, NSW, but he grew up in Ryde.

Before Justice CrewEdit

He started dancing when he was around 15 or 16. When "You Got Served" came out, a group of his friends wanted to start a crew for fun, and in doing so, they taught themselves to dance, and they were known as the "AthElites". This was a combination of Elite Athletes in Athletics, Touch Rugby League, and Union, which is how they got their name. His twin brother John was also in the "AthELITES". He is an amazing dancer.

As well as dancing, he was also an elite athlete in athletics. His top events were Triple Jump, Long Jump, and the 100m. He has been state and national champion in three years consecutive in Triple Jump.

General FactsEdit

He loves to DJ in Justice Crew, he loves dancing, filming and editing videos, photography and many more things.


Lenny Pearce has a pretty huge family, with his six brothers and two sisters. His brothers are Russel, Colin, Brian, Glen, Andrew, and his twin brother, John, who is also in Justice Crew. His sisters are Bella and Zoe. Lenny's mother is called Flor.

Lenny had a girlfriend, named Jodie Alvaro, but they broke up in December of 2012. Lenny has a three year old son with ex-girlfriend, Jodie, and his name is Harley Kai Ruela Pearce.

He is currently dating a girl named Alesia "Babe" Delaney.

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