Paulie Merciadez
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Background information
Full name Paulo Erico Pedro Mendozo Torres Merciadez
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Born June 7th, 1990
Age 25
Occupation Dancer/Singer
Genre Pop, hip-hop
Labels Sony, Mr. 305 Inc.

Paulie Merciadez is a dancer from Sydney, Australia, he is one of the six members in the Australian dance crew Justice Crew.

Before Justice CrewEdit

Paulie's drive to improve as a dancer and his unique character is what makes him a bright individual. In 2006, he was asked to perform a dance as part of a youth group. Although he'd never had any experience before that, many saw him as a natural. Ever since then, he has been motivated to inspire others and show them that; "Nothing can stop you from chasing your dream... all you have to do is run faster."

His acrobatic abilities and creativity skills allowed him to develop his own style. He started break-dancing in 2007 and has loved it ever since. He previously performed in crews, such as Barbie Boys, Gigabeatz, and Psyke in competitions such as Groove, Looze Control, Showdown, and The Easter Show. With all that experience, he has gone on to become the amazing performer he is today. Despite being amazing and all, he is always trying to learn something new to improve his skills.

General FactsEdit

His favourite colour is purple, and he loves food, especially Crispy M&M's. He loves styling his hair. He is of Australian and Fillipino descent.