• Mangoflame


    February 10, 2015 by Mangoflame

    This is basically my little fan girl fit. 8th / February / 2015

    Best day ever!! Justice Crew came to our small town that I didn't know any celebrities knew existed :) but anyways, they came to our town and performed. But before their performance, they were at the top of the lighthouse and Lukas Bellesini waved at me, which I had a fangirl fit because he waved directly to me and no one else.

    Then when they came on stage, I was right in the front row (Best times ever) with my best friend and we were dancing like crazy. Such a fun time but so bloomin hot.

    They had a meet & greet afterwards, so I got my poster, and took a selfie with John Pearce (my profile picture, I still can't stop staring at it) and when I started to go take a selfie with Len…

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